Wappen Ettlingenweier: In Silber ein blauer Abtsstab, begleitet von zwei blaubesamten Rosen mit grünen Kelchblättern.

Ettlingenweier has belonged the municipality of Ettlingen since the communal reforms of 1972-1974. Today about 3,000 people live in Ettlingenweier. The village lies between 116 m and 130 m above sea level.

Ettlingenweier is mentioned for the first time in 1100, as ‘Owenswiler’, when it was donated to Hirsau Abbey. It fell to the margraves of Baden in the early 13th century and became a part of the Stab Weier administrative unit (see Bruchhausen), which survived into the 19th century.  Ettlingenweier was the seat of political and church administration within the Stab Weier cooperative.

Ettlingenweier’s most important landmark is the church of St. Dionysius, which houses the Baroque altar that once stood in the Ettlingen palace chapel. The altar is the only surviving piece of furniture from the original chapel, which was “secularised” during the period of Mediatisation in the Napoleonic Era, and is today the Asamsaal in the palace.

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Bildergalerie von Ettlingenweier

360° Panoramavideo von Ettlingenweier

360° Panoramavideo der St Dionysius Kirche

900 Jahre Ettlingenweier


48.93 (48°55') | 8.39 (8°23')


Fachwerkhäuser in Ettlingenweier
Seitlicher Blick auf die Kirche von Ettlingenweier

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