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Rathaus und Marktplatz

Welcome to the historic Old Town, complete with its medieval alleyways and lively pedestrian areas, great for strolling, shopping, or exploring at your own pace. And welcome to the six villages belonging to the community of Ettlingen, some up in the foothills of the Black Forest, others stretching out into the Rhine valley amid the fields and orchards typical of rural Baden.

Check out our lighting concept to see Ettlingen and its villages presented `in the right light´.

Ettlingen’s 2000-year history begins with Roman settlements along the Alb River, and it has enjoyed city rights for over 800 years. The city underwent a major reconstruction around 1700 under Margravine Sibylla Augusta, helping to create the Ettlingen we see today. You can explore the city on your own by taking the historic tour or participate in one of our guided tours to truly get to know the Altstadt. The city of


Ettlingen lies at the heart of Baden and is an ideal starting point for sunny afternoon strolls or magnificent hiking and biking tours in the Alb River Valley  and the northern Black Forest. From here, it’s also easy to take a day trip to the nearby

Here's a  link to guided and individual cycling tours in the Black Forest, the Rhine Valley, Alsace, and the southern Palatinate region.

Are you in the mood for culture? Nationally recognized events like the Schlossfestspiele, our summer outdoor theatre program, are complemented by a diverse range of cultural events, from music, dance, and drama, to cabarets and special exhibitions. Throughout the year, visitors are drawn to Ettlingen by a wide variety of club events and festivals. And at our museums in the palace, you can dive deep into Ettlingen’s history or get acquainted with the most important artists of 20th century Baden. Under `Events´ you can search for upcoming local cultural events.

One more special tip: from Ettlingen you can take a ride on a classic steam train through the Albtal. This historic tradition leaves the station regularly in the summertime.

Ettlingen also boasts a wide-ranging gastronomy, from traditional taverns to gourmet restaurants with French Mediterranean delicacies.

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