Alb Weir

Walking from the market square to the banks of the Alb, one’s attention is drawn to the picturesque old Alb Weir. The Alb was previously dammed at this point to supply water to the mill canal powering the “Zwingelmühle,” but the dam, called the “Stellfall”, was completely destroyed by flood in 1824. The now-gone Zwingelmühle once stood on the site of the current Müller Department Store. A sculpture, “The Fisher Boy” by Prof. Magnus of Salzburg, now marks the spot where the former mill canal left the Alb.



Blick von der Rathausbrücke albabwärts zum Albwehr mit großer trauerweide und bewachsener Albinsel.
Blick albaufwärts auf das Albwehr, die Alb fließt mit weißer Gischt über die Wehrstufe.

Translator: Chase Faucheux