Historic Walking Tour

The historic walking tour consists of 26 stations which will guide you through the Altstadt. Each stop along the tour features a street map showing all of the stations, as well as an explanation of the particular object of interest at hand, in German, English, and French.

Karte Innenstadt mit eingezeichneten Stationen des Historischen Rundgangs


1 Palace
2 Rose Garden
3 Badischer Hof Gateway Arch
4 Fool's Fountain
5 St. Georg's Fountain
6 Town Hall
7 Town Hall Tower
8 War Memorial
9 Half-timbered Houses
10 St. Martin's Church
11 Weißenburg Courtyard
12 Half-timbered Houses
13 Roman Fountain
14 Dyers' Alley
15 Shield Maiden Fountain
16 Synagogue
17 Eastern Town Wall
18 "The Youthful Alb"
19 Jesuit College
20 Monk Statue
21 Krone ("crown"), Old Post Office
22 Lauerturm
23 Alb Weir
24 Statue of a Saint
25 Alb Bridge, St. John of Nepomuk
26 Neptune Stone

Street maps and brochures are also available free of charge from the City Information Office in the Castle; or click on this Download (1.417 MB).

Translator: Chase Faucheux