Leisure Facilties

Ettlingen offers all kinds of leisure activities for people of all ages. Our wide range of activities leaves nothing to be desired: horseback riding and hiking, tennis and golf, swimming at the Albgaubad, Lake Buchtzig or at the Waldbad – so many opportunities to relax and have fun. We’re sure you’ll find just the right choice for you. Leisure facilities are offered and administered by the city, clubs or private offers.


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Großer Abenteuerturm Ettlingen e.V. (GATE):   “The Great Ettlingen Adventure Tower“ – this climbing facility features a 22 m tower, an over 100-m-long aerial runway, as well as several other activity stations up in the air and on the ground. From stations close to the ground up to alpine difficulty levels high above, GATE has something for everyone: experience adventure and, conquer your fears, face difficult challenges, and test your limits.

Specht Youth Centre

Pan-Europe Cycling Trail


Arrangements for racing and mountain bike groups 

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Entertainment for all ages with the latest movie highlights behind the scenes at the Ettlingen Kino Kulisse






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