The Black Forest National Park

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The Black Forest Natural Park Middle/North reaches from the district of Karlsruhe and the city of Pforzheim in the north to the southern border of the Ortenau district in the mid-Black Forest. The park includes a considerable portion of the geographical area of the Black Forest. It is a park of superlatives: 90 km from north to south at its longest and about 65 km at its widest. About 700,000 people live within its borders, and with an area of 375,000 hectares it is the largest natural park in Germany.

The natural park is distinguished above all by the unique beauty of its landscape. Large continuous forest areas alternate with sunny vineyards, fields, and orchards. Moors, rocky hills, and numerous streams, marshes, and floodplains offer diverse habitats for flora and fauna in a rich variety of species. Several landmarks dotting the landscape, including palaces, castles, monasteries, and ruins invite you to visit them. The region’s gastronomy, with several star chefs, enjoys wide renown.

Come and be enchanted by the unique beauty of the landscape and enjoy the variety of the Black Forest!

Ettlingen Gateway

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Gateway communities like Ettlingen act as the “portal” into the world of the Black Forest Natural Park. They are meant to receive visitors at the edges of the natural park. All gateways are easily accessible, and inform visitors about their unique points with permanent as well as alternating exhibits and provide them with information materials about the natural park.


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